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American Dreamers – Jazmin Sosa

The Times Editorial Board has called on the Trump administration to preserve Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program that temporarily shields some young immigrants from deportation and allows them to work legally.

The Times is featuring stories from young immigrants, including that of Jazmin Sosa who were spared from deportation and permitted to work during the Obama administration.

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Deferred Action for Dreamers

Sachs Law Group & Deferred Action for Dreamers

On June 15, 2012, Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, announced policy changes that can potentially benefit thousands of undocumented individuals who came to the United States as children. These individuals may be eligible for deferred action for a period of two years, subject to renewal. Deferred action will be available to individuals, including those in removal proceedings or who have a final order of removal, who meet certain eligibility criteria. It is crucial that you consult with a reputable immigration attorney to determine your eligibility prior to applying for deferred action. While this policy may be helpful to many, individuals who do not qualify and/or have committed certain criminal offenses run the risk of being placed into removal proceedings as a consequence of submitting an application for deferred action.

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Dreamers Do Need Lawyers – The Dream Act

The importance of obtaining effective counsel in immigration matters.

Dreamers should not be discouraged from consulting with responsible, knowledgeable, and ethical immigration lawyers who have comprehensive experience with the immigration laws. However well-intended Mssrs. Durbin’s and Velasquez’s video message of August 6, 2012 may be, it is a gross distortion to suggest that immigration lawyers who offer legal services to Dreamers who are applying for deferred action are taking advantage of them. It is patently inaccurate to say, as Mr. Durbin states in the video, that all but a very few Dreamers will need to use lawyers, and it is misleading to suggest that lawyers and notarios are one and the same with respect to presently perpetrating “scams” or even charging fees for deferred action representation and related legal work.

Dreamers do need lawyers. What they do not need is mixed messages, overgeneralizations, or misguided efforts to insulate them from fraud that inadvertently leaves them at a disadvantage in reaching their dreams.

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State-Side 601 Processing

There is hope for certain immediate relatives who currently have to return to their home countries for consular processing. The proposed program would serve to streamline processing of certain applicants for permanent residence who under current law, must leave the US for an extended period for their final green card interview, and appear before a US consular officer in their home country. Instead, these individuals would be able to complete the entire immigrant visa process in the United States and await approval of their petitions with their families. Read more